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Batch Centrifugal Machine

In 1990, it started its own manufacturing of Electrical Systems to cater the need of industry, JSTS not only Sells its own products but represents largest machinery manufacturer of south China, Guangzhou Guangzhoung Enterprise Group Corp ( for its wide ranging products.

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  • Thyristor Control Panels for DC Motors (Any Kilowatt Range)
  • Eddy Current (Vs) Drive controls
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Power Factors Control Panels
  • Automatic Speed Control for Wire-Drawing Machine
  • Copper up Casting Plants (Complete Plants)
  • Bead Wire-Welding System (Electric Bulb Factories)
  • Pressure Feeder System on Mills
  • Auto Batch Centrifugal Controls (Sugar Mills)

Erection and Commissioning

  • Electrical Systems (All Mills/Factories)
  • (All Type of Panels including H.T Panels)
  • Alternators
  • Steel Rolling Mills (Turnkey Jobs)
  • Steel Continuous Casting Plants (Turnkey Jobs)
  • Copper Up-Casting Plants (Turnkey Jobs)
  • Aluminum Continuous Casting and Rolling Mills